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tv   Wolf  CNN  November 18, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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hello, i'm wolf blitz er an it is 1:00 p.m. here in washington, and 8:00 p.m. in raqqah, syria, and wherever you are watching around the world, thank you very much for joining us. we begin with breaking news, because we are waiting for the french prosecutor the give a news conference about the paris terror attacks and the latest raids that occurred today. it is expected to start at any
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moment, and we will have live coverage once he walks into the room. while we await his arrival, a massive raid that paris authorities say were right on time. they say the th-- they say they the verge of committing another attack. the apartment is not far from where the stadium attacks were conducted. two people were killed including a woman who blew herself up, and seven arrested. and the belgium press is reporting that it is the cousin of abaaoud abdelhamid. and it is not clear whether abaaoud was at the location, but they are conducting dna tests to see if he was killed. and also, turkey says they have arrested people who were
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carrying from turkey to serbia by greece and hungary, and that is the same route as refugees trying to seek safety, and eight isis suspects were detained. and not far from where the attacks were conducted at the soccer match, and the raids were at saint denis. atika was there to report live. >> wait, we have an explosion that has just gone off. a second one now. just hold on, no gun fire that we can tell so far. a third explosion. fourth. much larger.
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police are asking them to move back. there are a number of military soldiers being moved to the front as well. >> all right. our senior international correspondent clarissa ward is there, and also our international correspondent jim sciutto is also there. and so, clarissa, you are there at the scene of this raid, and what is the latest? what is happening now? >> well, wolf, this is a tough neighborhood by any standards bs, but the residents say while they are used to drug raids at night, they have never heard anything like this. they told us that it sounded like a war zone. it all started at 4:30 this morning, and one resident said he heard gun fire, grenades and a couple of hours later, he heard a series of loud explosions. in the explosions, it is believed that the woman blew herself up, and we are now hearing from the belgian and french media reports, she may have been the cousin of the alleged mastermind or the
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ringleader of these friday attacks here in paris. now, we were able to get up on a roof right behind the apartment build building, and we could see the scale of the devastation that explosion made. all of the windows had been blown out, and we could see that the walls were pock marked with the heavy munitions from when the police stormed that building, and the glass blown out, and also inside of the building we saw lots and lots of forensic experts dressed in white, and going over and combing over every last detail, and troying to pick up on any information and dna information, fingerprints, and who was in the room, and who was in that apartment, was this ringleader abaaoud abdelhamid possibly killed? was he there? still a lot of questions, wolf. and we are waiting for more answers. >> hold on, clarissa, because i want to bring in jim sciutto to this. i know that the phone conversations may have played a role.
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they have discovered some cell phones at the site of the friday night terror attacks, and what is the latest on all of this some >> that is right, wolf. this is an urgent raid acting on the urgent intelligence gained only in the hours before the raid took place, and intercepted phone call coming from the phone call that alerted police to the apartment and the people hiding there and then they put the place under surveillance and a key clue leading to the intercepted phone call, and some of the phone calls collected from the people who carried out the rampage across paris friday night and several of the phones had encrypted communications apps on them the, and widely available. this is a concern can long time of american official, and european officials that they would go dark. in this case, they were a able to intercept a conversation that led them to the apartment there. and wolf, you can't say enough about what is essential police work this was that led them to the place in time, just in time,
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french police say, before they believe that the people inside of this apartment were doing to carry out another attack on the streets of paris. >> clarissa, and jim, i want to play that video once again, because it is very dramatic, and then we will discuss. listen to this. [ gun fire ] [ speaking foreign language ] >> clarissa, that is certainly sounding like a war zone where you are right now, and quiet now, but a few hours ago, very, very brutal. the assumption was that the ring leader abaaoud abdelhamid was in
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syria with abu bakr baghdadi, and now assumption is that he was in paris and maybe he has been killed. what is the latest that you are hearing? and clarissa, we will go to you and then ask jim. >> yes, wolf. what a difference a day makes, because yesterday we had heard that the french authorities had targeted abaaoud in syria, and as early as a month ago, and that target was thwarted, and he has been on the run for a month. the impression that the authors had was that he was inside of isis territory of syria and iraq, and we are now led to the fact that it may not be the case. big question mark. was he here in paris? killed in this raid? we still have a number of questions, and no answer, but that is why you are seeing the forensic experts, wolf.
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they are going through every last minuscule detail to get the dna testing, and a better sense of who was in the room, and what they were trying to carry out, and perhaps most importantly, w wolf, how far the network exp d expands. yesterday, it was a eighth attack thor and then a ninth, and now sut zen more people a arrested here -- now it is seven more people arrested in this apartment, and two more killed, and so this is developing into a bigger and bigger network. >> and thank you, clarissa, standby and jim sciutto, you as well. we are getting new information n and now joining us is peter king, a key member of the homeland committee, and also a key member of the house committee on intelligence, and you have been well briefed. and now two plots in paris and maybe more on the way, and what can you tell us about the chatter under way, and maybe more plots still at large in france, and maybe here in the united states as well?
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>> well, certainly as far as san francisco, you know, this appears to be far from over. i can't go into the detail, but what happened in paris, and this is fairly extensive, and you know, more might be happening, and certainly the french police, and the military, and the intel people are going all out, and that is as we saw from the raids this morning, it is far from over, and it appears that one is leading to another. that is the concern in france, but also are it is very positive that, you know, the raids are being carried out and really hard core terrorists are being killed or captured. as far as the united states, wolf, i am still not aware of any significant specific threat to the u.s. we have to be on the guard, but what we don't know, we don't know, but it is not like it was the 4th of july. >> congressman, hold on a moment, because the french prosecutor is briefing the reporters now on the latest information on the raids. this is the pros ecutor francoi
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molins. >> is it good for everybody? [ speaking french ] >> translator: like on saturday, with the judicial director and my colleague the police director, and since friday the 13th of november evening the anti-terrorist police or the brigade on the judicial police of paris as well as those with the threat in general who are relentlessly carry aring out
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their inquiries to the magistrate of paris, i would like to the first of all like to emphasize the effectiveness and efficiency of the magistrates involved in this work. the inquire since friday has been taking considerable support games at team that is neutralized. if we look at the weapons around and the structural organization and the determination, this commander could have acted. [ speaking foreign language ] >> translator: bringing together this intelligence services, the investigation which made it possible to establish important
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logistics concerning the vehicles, telephones, arms and c conspiracy. a first elements, and first of all, the elements were considerable, but three coordinated xhcommandos to comm the attacks against bars and restaurants in the 10th and 11th districts of paris and the bataclan district of paris. the investigations have demonstrated that the vehicle, t the vehicle, fiat seat leon arrived on the 12th of november, a and they were all rented in a car rental place by the abdeslam brothers. at this time, investigations
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show that leon was located. the black fiat was used by a commander of three men attacking the bars and restaurants as well as the gps of this car and all of the videos. searching the vehicles made it possible to see, to the discover three assault rifles of the type, kalashnikov type, which were highlighted, and then discovered five charges as well as three knives and 11 empty chargers. according to the operations they had arrived on the night of the
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evening of the attacks. coming from the area at 12:59 preci precise. finally, a gun was used for a simple road check of the 14th of november at 14:10. someone by the name of abdeslam and mohammad merah. and this inquiry led me to contact the belgian authorities and thus the belgian police on the 14th of november in the afternoon were able to contact police there and they arrested
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and incarcerated through a judicial inquiry, and so at the time that i am speaking to you, the -- we don't know exactly where they are, but it appears they came in the night following with the vehicles if you are looking at the logistical elements of the terrorists, we have telephone, and large numbers of investigations are carry ared tout -- are carried out to determine the places where the terrorists were preceding the movement to criminal acts. i can confirm that mobile telephone was discovered in a rubbish bin outside of the bataclan hall at which there was a text message from the commander saying "we have left.
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we have started." clearly, we have to determine who was the person this message was destined for. the arms used by the three commandos were a real arsenal of war weapons. i'd like to the stay in the press conference the following day after the attacks, kalashnikovs and explosives of tatp. hundreds of calibers were used on the crime scene showing the bursts of gun fire against the victims of the bataclan. three rifles were used as well as hundreds of bullets. as well as debt tonators next t three suicide bombers in order to strengthen the effects of the bombers. this demonstrates a determined
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action which was confirmed that night with, during this night with the as saul that took place, but before last point. one of them was found with the telephone operation talking about two rooms in a hotel main the name of abdeslam on the 17th of november, and another one found following a search rented on the 17th of november. these are still being operated under the name abdeslam. i will come back to these, and say that the low gist ticks and the -- that the logistics were looked at by three points. so far we have identified 5 of
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the 7 terrorists who were killed in the criminal acts on the 13th. two terrorists have not been identified. clearly, investigations are carrying on. we have to determine the exact composition of the three commandos. found on the operations that night. the various inhave vestigations have been implemented to the inquiries that led them to the building situation in saint denis that the building where abaaoud was able to entrench him there in the floor. it found about the presence of abaao abaaoud, he is an individual who
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is suspected in conspiringing in numerous attacks, morocco and islamic attacks, and the 16th of november of the day taken as a serious precaution of a risk manipulation, and with various communications that took place with telephone and banking, and then the assault was launched at 4:10 a.m. with the men of the raid, those men i'd like to emphasize showed professionalism, and in four days of these assaults and assaults taking place, five police offic police officers were wounded. this is an extremely difficult assault operation with resistance first of all to the explosive charge, and this made
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it possible. a shootout then carried on virtually uninterrupted for almost an hour. the operation was extremely difficult given several factors, and the complex kascharacter ofe operation which required assault weapons, offensive grenades, and the fact that at least one terrorist just killed himself, exploded himself, and the fact that it was on the third floor, and the state of the doors which made it very difficult with forensic police. three individuals including one who was wounded with a bullet in the arm were arrested.
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their identities are still being verified. i therefore cannot give you further element of the explosion then resound ed and thus it was found in the building but not possible to identify at this stage. the first requiring the elements of the intervention of the police led us to believe that the explosion was consecutive to a woman who had set off her explosive belt. that belt had to be checked by the debris of the bodies and also by all of the technical police. this, as i said a few moments ago is extremely delicate and difficult working in the building, and i'm not in a position therefore to give you the precise definite answers and identities of the people who
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died. there are at least two people who died. we needed a little bit more time than planned, because the buildings threaten ed to collape in some parts, and so the inquiries, and so the inquiries needed to work in all security. two men wounded near the flat, and these two individuals were immediately put into police custody. other operations are said were taken out in saint denis. confirmed contacts with the commander. this flat was a suspect that was with questioned, and a man and woman alongside him. i'd like to emphasize that this
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raid in this flat led to, did not lead to the discovery of any explosives. another person was wounded on the public way was questioned and put into police custody. in total, eight. there are eight detentions in police, seven men and one woman. salah is not in custody, and also those who are likely to have been involved in some way or another with this attack, and whether it was in the french territory or syria, these investigations are also to determine the conditions according to which this could have been claimed on several occasions.
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and what was the role of the two brothers who were able to claim these acts in the claim that took place after the attack. this is a raj di ftragedy for t victims to whom i would like to pay respects for the victims and also to all of those close to them, and the mobilization of the victims and all of those close to them, thank you. >> so there's the update from the french prosecutor francois molins going back to november 13th when the initial attacks occurred and updating us overnight, the separate raids going on in the paris suburb of saint denis. individuals arrested and individuals killed. some law enforcement personnel were wounded in the process as
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we well. bottom line, the alleged ringleader abaaoud abdelhamid apparently still very much at large as well as the salah abdeslam who was also involved in the vornlg nal t-- in the orr attacks. jim sciutto was listening carefully, and jim, with that information that he did provide saying that they found a cell phone in a garbage can near that helped lead them to the dramatic steps of the raid. >> yes, and this is correct. and the story first reported by evan perez that the phones found by the dead bodies of those terrorists from the friday's attacks gave them a clue. i was told earlier the i da by the french security sources that the intercepted communications coming from that apartment in saint denis where the raids took place are what helped to lead them there, and remember they had the place under surveillance from yesterday. so urgent use of the intelligence led them to the
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apartment and raid that prevented another attack. and other detalils. he says now three terror suspects in custody, and they are working to identify them, and crucially, the french pros cue or the there saying that abaaoud the alleged ringleader, and salah abdeslam are not in custody. when they went into the apartment, they the believed that abaaoud abdelhamid might be inside of the apartment, but prosecutors say from what they know now, they do not have it confirmed that he is in custody. and so, now, you have a sense there describing the enormous resources that went into the raid. he said that 5,000 bullets were fired by french police in the course of it and as you played the video from the attack, itself, it sounded like a battle in war. we know that they had the e weapons of war including the
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weapons use ed d in that attack friday, kalashnikov automatic rifles and thousands of bulles,s and hundreds used in the attack, and thousands by the police and as well as explosive vests. so this is a truly front line in the war, and the french officials have been describing it as a war, and we got a taste of that from the french prosecutor. >> and they are making it clear that there may be more plots under way right now in france. and stand by for a moment, jim sciutto. nick paton walsh is joining us now. he is inside, and i dont n't kn if you heard what the prosecutor has said, but you have done a lot of work reporting on the ringleader abaaoud abdelhamid, and the suspicion was that he was in syria some place with the leader of isis apparently a abubakar baghdadi, and give us
10:28 am
with what information you can. >> well, the information this you can pick up inside of syria about the whereabouts of abaaoud abdelhamid, and i can tell you what was known about his past here. he was stopped back in 2014 thought to have at that stage joined isis, and may have traveled to the region earlier, and a number of notable appearances of him in the jihadist media here, and one troubling one that involved him dragging corpses behind a pickup truck. he is expect ted to have lived according to some media reports at a lavish village in aleppo, and also developed an alternate identity here inside of syria of abu u mar al baliki, and then
10:29 am
there were reports that he may have been killed in october, because his family ceased to hear from him. they had perhaps suggested that he may have been killed by that, but obvious ly, that was not th case. and i think that the most chilling element of this, wolf, where i am standing, there are hundreds in the country of jihadists from europe who many of them have felt were forced to stay here to some degree, because it was so hard to travel back. and particularly the ones high profile as abu, and high profile character indeed. the fact that he was secretly able to return to europe, and we don't know the fate right now, but the fact that he was able to do that and not be caught must be deeply chilling for intelligence services. but here in the country, the military reprisal has been well under way and has been for two nights against the self-declared caliphate capital of raqqa. and the fire strikes that we are hearing more recently adds to eight the night before, and 20
10:30 am
the night before that, and with are hearing that the isis militants inside of that city are clamping down on the use of the internet, and deeply concerned that individuals ip side of that city can provide accurate realtime information no the french, and russian and other warplanes with the munitions in the sky, there and they are also limiting the movements as isis fighters to preserve what they can. but raqqah is a city very much under siege, and the questions asked about the targets that have been hit, and the level of ab accuracy, and how so many became available after drone planes were in the sky so long over that protracted city, but the certainly, the fate of abu is doing to be in some, a degree of vi victory for some isis fighters given that the whereabouts is unclear, and some twisted mentality may welcome the
10:31 am
method, wolf. >> yes, and it is unclear if this leader abaaoud abdelhamid is in syria someplace or france someplace, but a massive international manhunt under way for him, and also abdeslaabdesl. and now, they are taking credit for blowing up the jet airline er that went down killing 224 russian, and so what are you hearing that ground troops are moving any closer to the isis caliphate capital of raqqa? >> well, we have to be clear,
10:32 am
whose ground troop, because weeks now, they have been amassing kurdish fighter toers to the north of iraq ka, and among them is growing in number, and the talk of the day nearer when they would move against raqqah. and you have as they have been saying the air power is hitting the skies of raqqa like never before, and an intensity here that is unprecedented, and it does not immediately translate to the kurdish forces ready to move against raqqah, but it is a substantial advantage. we know they are poorly equipped, and we know that they are not always with enough sunni arabs at the front of the ranks to the able them to move into the sunni area, and with the kurds, it is an issue for them to come into the big sunni arab city like raw car, and they felt disillusi disillusioned and actually
10:33 am
allowed isis to move n because they felt that nobody was looking after them in the face of the regime's onslaught, but the talks of the moves against raqqah is growing day by day, but for most observers that is a realialism of a massive operation, an hud a huge city t isis has had months to prepare, and they have been using awnings over the city, and disguising their movements for a long time. it is much less than sinjar, and smaller and much less consequential city, and isis believes they don't have to fight that hard and decide to pull out. but yes, the air strikes and now hearing of the kurdish fighters amongst their ranks increasingly feeling the day that raqqah is nearer, and the notion of an offensive here in syria against that city is not as far-fetched, but the notion of foreign troops involved in the large scale is
10:34 am
farfetched indeed, wolf. >> thank you, nick paton walsh inside of syria for us. nick, be careful over there, and we will stay in close touch with you, and nick is doing an amazing job for the viewers around the world. coming up, we will talk about much more how the paris attackers struck without warning and the months involved and the encrypted technology that may have helped them to go dark, and plus i will speak live in the hour with the new york city mayor bill de blasio, and his security concerns, and why he believes that the u.s. should keep their doors open to syrian refugees. are you on medicare?
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we are following the breaking news out of paris.
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the suspected ringleader is still apparently at large and this is according to the french prosecutor who just spoke at the news conference and meanwhile heightened concerns main the wa of the paris attacks. in new york city, five more police officers and canine officers have been put on the streets of new york along with por than 100 counter terrorism officers. join joining us now is the mayor of new york city, bill deblauz o d and thank you for joining us. i know it is a a trying time for mayors across the country, but what are you hearing about the specific threats gaiagainst new york? >> well, wolf, thank god, no credible and specific threats, and that is what the police force understands, and the fbi has told us, but we are in a state of high vigilance, and you is spent a lot off time here, and for 14 years we have been in a state of vince ledge, but this
10:40 am
year, we have added a critical command group that is specifically trained and equipped for anti-terrorism duty, and for that specific duty. they have been rolling out on the streets to reassure the folk fol folks, and to be in places that are well traveled like time square and other busy location, and we are sending a powerful message that new york city is ready and doing a lot the prevent the attacks with the federal problems, but god forbid if we were to confront something, we have a large force the deal with it. >> and i know that you have sent some people to help with the investigation, and what did you realize? >> we have established nypd offices around the world. we have a standing office with the counter terrorism offices to work with the french to understand the new approaches of
10:41 am
the terrorist, and so we have to defend our people, and disrupt these approach, and clear model in recent years that is different from what we have seen in the past. after a previous incidence, and the mumbai incident a few years ago, the nypd went to the scene, and the scene in paris which i visited as well, and we are make adjust adjustments, because we have to learn from attacks and adjust to them. >> is it funny to believe that the terrorists use some encryption software to allow them to communicate without anybody being able to monitor what they were saying? is that the information that you are getting as well? >> it is indeed, and it is a troubling reality. i want to be blunt. there are companies that in order to make a profit are providing this software and providing the apps and unfortunately making life easier for the e terrorists.
10:42 am
i know the director of the fbi mr. comey is tremendously concerned about this. and he has spoken out powerfully, and our police commissioner as well, and let's be blunt that no private company should do anything that inadvertently aids and abets the terrorist, and it is time for the companies to change the approach, and work with the law en s forment, and we can't have communications among the terrorists that law enforcement c cannot access. >> how do you stop that? >> well, i don't pretend to ban expert on technology, but we have had issue where is the companies were not cooperative originally with law enforcement with the approach they took with the products, but we have to be blunt, and if it takes shaming the companies, we will do that about the fact that they are creating a product that unfortunately creates a stream of information that law enforcement cannot find in real time or after the fact that many times erases or is unreachable. that inhibits our ability to
10:43 am
protect human life. these companies need to take responsibility, and work with law enforcement, and reverse the engineer or come up with new counter measures, it is their obligation to work with the law enforcement. we can't have terrorists active around the world and undetectable because of the private technology created by compani companies. >> and as you know, isis makes no secret of the fact that they have been trying to smuggle in real terrorists among the refugees fleeing syria and going into europe and maybe here in the united states. the speaker of the house paul ryan was on the house floor saying that the u.s. should put a pause on taking in the syrian refugees from iraq as well until the homeland security and the u.s. government can do a better job vetting the refugees, and are you okay with a pause? >> look, we have a stringent vetting procedure in place, and it is quite clear, and i can tell you from the new york perspective in the last figure, we have taken in eight refugees from the humanitarian crisis that has affected millions.
10:44 am
so it is fair to say that the process is deliberative, and careful, and multi layered, and obviously, that should continue to be perfected, but here is a problem with all of the voices that say we should shut our borders in a humanitarian crisis. it send as horrible message to t the world, and turning our backs to the people who are victims of terrorism. i mentioned a study today, of a survey, i should say, that we should look at soberly that in 1938 a public opinion survey of 2/3 of americans said that we should not take in more jews fleeing are from the nazi persecution. so we cannot turn our back on people in danger, innocent people. i know that you have seen this photo. it was on the front pages all around the world, this tragic situation with this young boy, and 3-year-old boy who died, and the syrian refugee boy, and this
10:45 am
photo captured the world's heart. and so it is not the new york city way and we are have been a beacon for immigrants for generations, but you can have a strong careful screening process and still the open door to people in need. >> because the cia director, john brennan, this morning, he addressed the importance as you do striking the balance of accepting the refugees from syria, but maintaining security safeguards to make sure that the terrorists are not among the refugee, but he also said that the u.s. has to evaluate how to strengthen the system, and more should be done. so i will create the question, if paul ryan, and other members say that we have to pause to make sure that the system is better and more perfect, are you prepared for a temporary pause this is? well sh well, it has been going on for year lts. i would not say that we need a pause, but i would say, keep improving the system.
10:46 am
it needs to be stringent, and multi layered and clearly, any doubt about someone, they should not be let in, but ultimately, it is millions of people, and seniors and people who have nothing to do with the terror ism or the vast, vast majority, and we have to be big enough as a nation to take on one of the worst humanitarian crisis of our time, and ward off any purpose to ward off that pathway. i have to say that some people bluntly are playing to the cheap seats here sh, and governor christie most notably talking about not letting in the young children, and what does that have to do with the security? how can we turn away orphans? that is a sad example of speaking against the american values of respecting immigrants, and respecting our role in the world as one of the great humanitarian nations.
10:47 am
>> bill de blasio is the major of new york city, and thank you for joining us, and good luck to everybody in new york city, and isis has made no secret of their de si desire to target new york city, and we hope they fail in those efforts. thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much, wolf. coming up, more of the extraordinary measures that the police are taking to find the ring master of the paris attacks. live pictures now of the apartments that were the scente of the raid in paris. more from belgium as the manhunt expands.
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welcome back to the viewers in the united states and around the world. we are continuing the live coverage of the paris terror attacks and the aftermath. join us from paris, the senior international correspondent fred pleitgen and also our senior correspondent drew griffin. and a commando team blew up part of the apartment in the apartment building in saint denis, and as part of the investigation. the police say they found body parts, do they suspect that abaaoud abdelhamid was there? >> hi, wolf. yes, i am standing in front of the police cordon where that apartment was raided last night or in the early morning hours today by the police. certainly, the raid, itself, it was targeting abaaoud abdelhamid. he was the person that they were
10:53 am
after, and also, they assumed that a relative of his was in the apartment as well. and the latest that we heard from the paris prosecutor, they are not sure whether or not he was among those who were killed. they did say that they did take eight people into custody in raids throughout the day that he is not one of them. so it is unclear whether or not he is still at large. it is unclear whether or not he is among the two people killed here. but certainly, this was a very intense operation, and he was here for part of it. as wit was going on, explosions went off, and of course, a female suicide bomber who detonated herself as the police tried to enter the building, but what happened afterwards is that they then had to fire heavy ordnance, and what you are hearing there, wolf, that is interesting, because it is a controlled detonation, because the police are still keeping the area cordoned off. they are setting off the
10:54 am
controlled detonations in places where they don't know for instance if there is something behind the door or suspicious package inside of one of the rooms there. is controlled detonations going on, about 12 hours after the raid took place, wolfment >> yes, they suspect other plots presumably in the works as well. drew, what is the latest that you arer haing there? -- you are hearing there outside of brussels. the ringleader abaaoud abdelhamid is a belgian citizen, and apparently still at large or not, and set unclear. what is the latest that you are learning there, drew? >> the latest is that they are trying to find salah abdel slem, a and that is the biggest concern of the police. they are having raid after raid after raid and i saw one yesterday afternoon about this time, and they have come up
10:55 am
empty. until he is caught, they will continue to try to focus on trying to contain their portion of this paris attack, and then spread out and find out just how they were able to organize, and get this plot together right under their noses virtually in neighborhood that i am standing at, wolf. >> and there was a vigil there? briefly. tell us about it. >> yes, this neighborhood is getting a lot of bad press, and no other way to put it, but it has been the scenter of several terrorist plots, and many of to paris attackers came here and grew up here. and two of them spent time together in prison for a brief time here in belgium. and it was to mostly migrant community to say, hey, we don't agree with what took place here. we don't agree with the terrorists in paris or anywhere else. they want to live peacefully so they held this vigil today just in the square behind me to try
10:56 am
to make that visual announcement to the rest of the world. >> all right, drew, we'll stay in close touch with you. fred li fred, thank s to you. the news continues and there's lots of it right after a quick break. we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. after the deliveries, i was ok. now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again. more pills? seriously? seriously. all these stops to take more pills can be a pain. can i get my aleve back? for my pain, i want my aleve. get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy open cap.
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that just tastes better. with more vitamins. and less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. hi there. i'm brooke baldwin here in washington today. this is cnn a special coverage of new and deadly raids in the aftermath of the attacks in paris. >> i'm jake tapper here in paris, france, the city that may have just avoided more bloodshed. french police carrying out an hour-long military-style assault on two suburban apartments seen in cameras capturing the sounds as police stormed in just a couple of blocks away. >> an explosion has just gone